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Ponder Page

A PRAYER FOR FATHERS' DAY. God our heavenly Father, in your wisdom and love you made all things. Bless our earthly father. Let the example of his faith in you and love of you shine forth in all that he says and does. Grant that we, his family, may honor him always with a spirit of profound respect. Grant this through Jesus Christ our Savior and our Lord. Amen.

A DAILY PRAYER FOR JUNE — O God, on the first Christian Pentecost you poured out your Holy Spirit upon and into the hearts of many. May this same Spirit continue to work keeping us from falling, teaching us your good and gracious will, enabling us to produce fruits that help others and give you glory, strengthening us during times of trial and comforting us when our last hour on this earth approaches; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen

(Ernest Tittle 1885-1949)

A PRAYER FOR INDEPENDENCE DAY - Holy God/ source of all freedom, this day is bright with the memory of all those declared that life and liberty are your gift to every human being. Help us to continue a good work begun long ago. Make our vision clear and our will strong realizing that only in human community will we find liberty and justice for all. Turn our hearts toward all our fellow Americans that we might offer friendship and find security together as one people under your guidance and care. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Savior and our Lord. Amen

A DAILY PRAYER FOR JULY - With you, O Christ, we would rise to newness of life. May our daily duties and work and routines not be burdens to us but opportunities presented new each day to follow only you, our Savior and our Lord. Amen

A PRAYER FOR THOSE WHO TRAVEL THIS SUMMER - Holy and mighty God, when Abraham left his own land and departed from his own people you kept hm safe all through his journey. Protect us, who like Abraham are your servants: walk by our side to help us; be our companion and our strength on the road and our refuge during times of anxiety. Lead us, O God, so that we will reach our destination in safety and happily return to our home. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen