302 N Goliad   Rockwall, TX  75087   214-716-7539



Jim Randolph  president,

Bruce Kraft  president-elect & finance,

 Eleanor Barringer   secretary,

Bob Maxwell treasurer,

Elaina Lesage worship,

Brandy Trygstad outreach & fellowship,

Magan Vernon education & youth,

Diane Magruder stewardship

Paul Manak property.

Pastor Appel serves on the council with voice but no vote.

For all who offer themselves to serve as
of Joy congregation, we give you .
0 God, Give them, we pray, joy
in their serving, and constant care and
. Help us all to be both willing
servants and thankful recipients
of their
efforts to help us all to joyfully share
Jesus and ourselves with our neighbors,
that your name be glorified, your people
blessed and your will be done; through
Jesus Christ, your Son
, our Savior and our
Lord. Amen.