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Stewardship and Community Service

The Stewardship and Community Service Committee is responsible for two specific areas of ministry.

1.      In the area of stewardship its responsibilities include:

  • Continual interpretation of the work of the Church to members.
  • Maintaining an attitude of grateful response to God in growth giving.
  • Providing an annual opportunity for members to respond with commitments of time, abilities, and money.

2. In the area of community service its responsibilities include:

  • Identifying needs of people in the community.
  • Motivating members to respond to these needs through their time, abilities and money.


We adopted as the theme for this fall's stewardship emphasis the Doxology "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow." We will send out a mailing to include  time & talentsheets and pledge cards. in late October. We will receive the time & talents sheet and pledge cards during worship on Sunday, November 5 We have scheduled the Stewardship Appreciation lunch and collection of the coin banks ~ for Mosaic on November's second Sunday, the 12th.

Your generosity has enabled Joy
congregation to donate the f

To Helping Hands through September -
1187 pounds
of food & $470 to purchase
food; to the Roy City Anim
al Shelter -
5 bags
of towels, rugs, sheets, blankets for bedding;90 pair of reading glasses distributed by the StewPot organization to the homeless in Dallas.