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SERVING - During 2017, this year that marks the 5ooth anniversary of the Reformation, let us receive some more comments from Martin Luther's writings. LIFE IS NOT A SELFISH ISOLATION - Finally we shall speak of those works which a person should do toward the neighbor. For a person does not live for self alone in this mortal body. Rather a person lives solely for others and not
tor'selt. A person cares for self
in order to more sincerely and freely to
serve others.
(Treatise on Christian Liberty, 1520)

OTHERS ARE YOUR CONCERN - There is a common proverb, Quid ad Romanos quod
Graeci moriLintur? ("What is it to the
Romans that the Greeks die?") We act as
though only that which endangers us
should concern us
. How does this idea
agree with the commandment of God that
God wants all of us to live together as
brothers and sisters? Remember Adam
and Eve's son Cain and the heavy charge
laid upon him when he responded to God's
question about his brother Abel's
whereabouts with, "I don't know. Am I
my brother's keeper." (See Genesis chapter

Cursed and condemned is every
kind of life lived and sought for selfish
profit and good; cursed are al
l works not done in love. But they are done in love when they are directed wholeheartedly, not toward selfish pleasure, profit, honor, ease and welfare but toward the profit, honor and welfare of others.

WE ARE BORN TO SERVE WITH WHAT WE ARE AND HAVE. Whatever God gives us - whether it be spiritual or temporal gifts, wisdom, understanding, ability, power,
riches, money and goods - we should use
for the improvement and benefit of our
neighbor. (From
a letter Luther wrote in 1522, to Elector Frederick the Wise.)

May our serving of others be a blessing
from God for them.